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Do you know what the two biggest assets are in your photography business?

How about a few hints…

  • It’s not your website
  • It’s not your fancy new equipment
  • It’s not your Facebook page
  • It’s not your studio
  • It’s not how many likes you get

Your two biggest assets in your photography business boil down to time and communication.

If you’re trying to grow your business, as in booking more photo sessions, then you need to take both time and communication very seriously.

In fact, in today’s competitive digital era, the ability to respond swiftly to potential clients is a crucial factor that sets successful photographers apart. It’s all about speed to lead.

Let’s dive into what “speed to lead” means for photographers and help you leverage both time and communication in your business.

Speed to Lead – You Have to Be Able to Communicate Fast!

Most stats online say that when a new lead reaches out to you, you need to be in touch within 5 minutes.

After that, the likelihood that you’re going to actually get in touch with them drops exponentially.

In other words, if you don’t reach out in under 5 minutes, you’re probably not going to get a hold of them again.

When you think about it, when a prospective client reaches out to you, in that very moment, they should be the most important person in your life.

Why? Because based on your particular business, they could be worth a LOT!

To make numbers simple, let’s say your average client spends $1000 with you (it should be a lot more but we’re keeping math simple here).

That means then that every phone call, text message, Google Business Profile chat message, website chat, Facebook direct message, Instagram direct message, and so on could potentially mean $1000 to you.

In fact, they’re probably worth more because they’ll come back, buy prints and other products, refer you to others, and leave you a great review which leads to other business.

If you receive even just 10 calls or messages in a single business day that could easily mean over $10,000 of new revenue to you, per day!

Are you starting to see why replying to leads within the first 5 minutes is so important? But for most businesses, it’s impossible to engage with every single prospect within 5 minutes.

And for a busy photographer, especially if you’re a 1-person studio, it’s almost impossible!

Don’t worry, there is a solution to this.

But if you’re not already onboard with why it’s so important to be in touch with every single lead asap, consider the following:

First Impressions Matter
Within the photography industry, you know that first impressions are everything.

When potential clients reach out with inquiries or requests, responding quickly showcases your professionalism, reliability, and a genuine interest in their needs.

By harnessing tools that facilitate quick lead responses, you can create lasting impressions and significantly boost your chances of turning those simple inquiries into new booked photo sessions.

Speed to Lear for Photographers to Book More ClientsCapitalize on the Client’s Interest
When someone expresses interest in your photography services, their curiosity and enthusiasm are at their peak.

Delayed responses may cause potential clients to lose interest or seek alternatives.

By promptly engaging with them, you can capture attention during the client’s active search for information and capitalize on their enthusiasm.

Stay Ahead of the Competition
In a fiercely competitive market, the race to secure new client photo sessions is intense. Swift response times give you a competitive edge over the other photographers in your area.

Speed to lead allows you to be the first point of contact which builds rapport and trust.

Are you sold yet on why you need to be in touch with those leads as soon as possible?


But, how can you possibly be in touch with every single lead that comes in from every single platform (phone calls, text messages, DM’s, etc)?

It’s all about the tools you use!

Use the Best Tools to Book More Photography Clients Quickly, Even Automatically

There are a handful of online tools that play a huge role in enabling photographers just like you to connect with leads quickly and efficiently – and then book them into photo sessions.

First, it’s important to list out ALL of the ways a potential client may reach out to you. For example, they might:

  • Call you
  • Send you a text message
  • Chat with you on your Google Business Profile
  • Chat with you on your website chat
  • Send you a DM on Facebook
  • Send you a DM on Instagram
  • Send you a DM on LinkedIn
  • Reach out to you on your website contact form
  • And so on…

If you insist on everyone reaching out to you via your website contact form, chances are good that you’re missing out on a LOT of new business.

Remember, it’s not about you – it’s about the consumer. If you want more booked photo sessions, you need to be accessible.

That said, here are some ways you can manage it all.

Missed Call Text Back
For all incoming phone calls, set

Missed call text back is a feature that allows you to automatically send a pre-configured text message to a prospect who called but didn’t leave a voicemail.

It’s beneficial because it provides an immediate response to missed calls, acknowledges the prospect’s interest, and encourages them to engage further by providing information or requesting a callback.

This is also great because so many people these days love simply texting a business.

Having missed call text back helps you capture leads and nurture them into booked photo sessions.

Chat Widget Automation
Live chat widgets integrated into a photographer’s website or Google Business Profile and offer real-time communication with potential clients.

These tools provide a convenient way for visitors to ask questions, request information, or express interest while browsing the website or your Google page.

If you have a dedicated AI chatbot monitor and respond to chat inquiries promptly, you can engage with leads in a conversational manner and even book them onto your calendar (and yes, Social Rocketship has the tools to help you do exactly this)!

Contact Form Automation
Contact forms on websites serve as a primary means for potential clients to reach out and express their interest.

With your contact forms integrated with instant notification workflows, you can receive immediate alerts via email, SMS, or mobile apps whenever a lead submits a form.

This way you can follow up with the lead fast.

Email Autoresponder
You can then have your contact forms connect to your email autoresponder workflows. For example, when a lead submits an inquiry or fills out a form, an automated email responder can be triggered to send an instant acknowledgment and thank you message.

This automated response reassures the lead that their message has been received and informs them about when they can expect a more detailed response.

Social DM Automation
The same goes with having automations set up to reply to any messages that come in via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even TikTok.

What you say is up to you but most of the time, you entire goal will be to get the prospect to book a consultation with you via your calendar.

These online tools not only allow you to connect with your leads promptly but also provide an opportunity to gather valuable information, understand the lead’s specific requirements, and tailor your responses accordingly.

It also helps you compete and win over other photo studios in your area.

If you leverage these tools effectively, you can streamline lead management, increase your chances of converting leads into booked photo sessions, and ultimately grow your business.

Time and Communication – Vital to Booking More Photography Clients

Speed to lead is a vital element of your success as a professional photographer.

Making that first immediate contact with your potential clients is so important! Remember, each call or text or DM could literally represent thousands of dollars!

If you don’t already have your communication automated, then you should definitely watch a quick demo on what our suite of marketing tools can do for you.

We’ll help you with all of the tools, training, and live support that you need to book more photography clients today!

This way you never miss out on opportunities, no more chasing leads (they book with you), and your business can literally grow automatically with prospects booking appointments with you!


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