• Tools that Book More Dream Clients

5 Simple Tools that Book More Dream Clients

If you could put one piece of code on your website, and it helped you book even just 5 more dream clients a month, you’d do that, right? 

This is what leverage is all about. 

So imagine a massive cruise ship, it’s a floating city – filled with thousands of passengers, restaurants, pools, and shops. BUT, its direction is determined by a surprisingly small tool: the ship’s helm (the little steering wheel thing).

One small turn of the wheel can change the entire ship’s course. 

It’s the same with marketing your photo studio online. 

You can leverage seemingly small tools that will have a big impact on your photography business. 

These small “tweaks” might not seem too important, but they can steer your business towards more clients, more bookings, and more happy reviews and referrals. 

Tools that Book More Dream Clients

So imagine adding a single line of code to your website, and suddenly your inbox starts chiming with more potential clients

Think of what it would mean only to work with dream clients. 

What’s a dream client, you ask?

It’s that perfect match:

  • They book your premium packages so you earn more doing what you love
  • The sessions are a joy & you have a blast working with them
  • They rave about you online with five-star reviews
  • They become lifelong customers and come back for more sessions as their families grow and change
  • They tell everyone they know & send you referrals

Let’s say you’re a maternity photographer. You put a little chat widget on your website. Then suddenly, you get a woman who is 8 months along and comes across your site. She sees your chat widget and starts the conversation. 

Long story short, you book the photoshoot. 

Then, she comes back for newborn photos, and then a cake smash session, and then family portraits, and you get the point. 

One single client like this could easily bring in $20,000 or more over time.

Imagine the impact if you had several clients like this!

All because of one tiny piece of code on your website. 

So with that in mind, let me just share 5 of these tools with you. 

Let’s start with… 


SMS Marketing for Photographers

Everyone texts! Your business should be too. 

SMS marketing provides a quick and personal way to send reminders, updates, and special offers, and boasts massive open rates – this is a big deal! 

You can run an SMS campaign to: 

  • book more photo shoots this week
  • send a text reminder the day before a family portrait session
  • ask for reviews with a simple link

Multi-Channel Inbox (all-in-1)

This is your central hub for managing all client communication channels (email, social media, website chat, text messages) in one place.

It keeps all of your communication in one place. This means you’ll never miss another message. You know, like that one DM that could be your new dream client. 

For example, a client comments on your latest Facebook post asking about your mini-session availability. Maybe you don’t love Facebook, and you never see your DM’s there. This way you don’t miss that message and you can even respond directly within the inbox. 

Easy peasy. 

Social Media Planner

Social Media Planner for Photographers

Imagine planning and scheduling your social media posts in advance – you can! 

This saves time and helps you keep a consistent presence on social media, even when you’re busy.

For example – you create a week’s worth of Instagram posts on Sunday night, featuring your best photos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and client testimonials. So instead of constantly creating content, copy, hashtags, etc, you actually get to just focus on making meaningful connections. 

Website Chat

And last but not least, our beloved website chat widget – the little chat box that chills on your website and gets visitors to start conversations instantly.

Let’s say that a mom stumbles upon your website and asks about your family packages right away via chat.

You answer her questions promptly and book a consultation before she even leaves your site! 

Website Chat for Photographers

Automated Client Intake Forms and Workflows

OK, honestly, forms and workflows aren’t the sexiest tool on this list. But when it comes to functionality, they’re awesome! 

They automatically collect client information and trigger personalized follow-up actions.

This saves you a ton of time by automating tasks like: 

  • client onboarding
  • contract signing
  • questionnaire collection

And more all while making sure your client journey is consistent, professional, and happy. 

So let’s say a potential client fills out a contact form on your website. Your system automatically sends them a welcome email with a link to your online booking calendar, followed by a questionnaire to gather information about their photoshoot preferences.

You then get a notification saying that this has all happened without you. Pretty great, right?

Use the Tools that Book More Dream Clients

Other photographers are already doing this. 

Are you? 

These are just 5 tools you can use.

There’s a lot more. 

But just like having a great lens, these little tools can be your secret weapon to a thriving photography business. They’re like little sparks that can ignite a bonfire of bookings, freeing up your time and energy to focus on what you love most – capturing those precious moments. 

Leverage the tools.

They’re available to you.

They’re easy to set up once.

And then they go to work for you, helping you to scale your studio! 


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