Why Your Company Must be Marketing on YouTube

Video marketing is hot. In fact, it’s a fundamental shift to the online marketing game. But it wasn’t always so.

12-ish years ago it was enough to have a website. This was your online home – a digital representation of your business. It’s still just as important today, if not more so.

10-ish years ago SEO (search engine optimization) was the name of the game. Get as many backlinks and so forth as you can to game the system and get your website on page #1 of Google.

About 5 years ago companies started adding blogs to their sites. This provided much needed content marketing. This served both for the real humans (your customers) discovering your business but also for SEO purposes.

And just a couple of years ago, businesses started reaching out via social media. This provided another channel to build your brand, reach out to your customers, and even provide market research.

Now, video marketing reigns supreme.

In fact, having a YouTube channel is arguably the second most piece of internet real estate following your website.

It’s that important. There are so many benefits to marketing with YouTube. Here’s why…

One Stone, A Lot of Birds

First of all, video marketing knocks out all of the above items (SEO, content marketing, and social media) in one fell swoop.

In other words, video marketing is SEO. Video marketing is content marketing. Video marketing is social media marketing (yes, YouTube is a social network).

So you’re able to accomplish a lot through using only one medium.

People Are Visual

As people, we’re visually geared. TV killed the radio. And now the internet, with the help of online video, is killing TV.

YouTube just passed over 1 billion views monthly! Think of that! That’s a lot of people watching a lot stuff online!

Your business should be there!

Google Friendly

Most people know that Google owns YouTube. They also know that YouTube videos tend to rank very well with Google.

Also, with the increased viewership of videos, Google is ranking videos more and more.

What this means is that while your website might good, having a video (or an army of videos) is great! Imagine having someone look up your business and coming across 3 or 4 videos.

It’s like having an army of virtual sales people who go to work for your business 24-7 and for free!

It really happens.

Also, most of the latest statistics say that with the same search terms, video results will get clicked on more than 60% of the time.

That’s good news if you’re doing video marketing!

So start today with your video marketing.

Snag your YouTube channel. Load up a lot of really, useful videos. And start watching your business grow in a way you never thought of before!


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