Facebook Marketing

3 Business Uses for Facebook – Regardless What Kind of Business You Have

When it comes to Facebook Marketing, you might not know where to start.

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve probably been working hard to introduce your business to as many potential target customers as possible.

You know, the ones who will find your products or services irresistible and eagerly spend money with you.

Certainly you’re already on Facebook. If not, maybe it’s time. After all, your customers are there. Why aren’t you there?

3 different uses of Facebook Marketing regardless of your business

#1 – Facebook Business Page

Hands down no matter what, your business must have its own page on Facebook. It’s not only good for branding and reaching out to your target audience but it’s also great for SEO. After your own website and YouTube channel, this is arguably the next most important piece of internet real estate you could have.

Having a business page on Facebook allows you to post status updates, pictures, videos, and more. This allows those who are following you to keep in touch with your business. They ways to do this are endless and up to your imagination.

#2 – Events

Maybe your business is centered around meeting up. Create an event in your local area to reach out to new customers or clients. You could even create an event to launch a new product or to host a webinar.

For example, let’s say you’re a career coach and you want to grow your clientele. Why host an event at a local venue and give away a bunch of great tips? You could even do it online if you wanted to.

#3 – Groups

Groups are a bit different than pages because it allows for more intimate communication among people with a common interest. They can even be closed if you like as to invite only those that you want.

If you’re involved in a lot of groups in your particular industry, you can keep a pulse on what’s happening. You can also demonstrate your expertise which could result in more traffic to your site.


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