10 Facts You Should Know About Social Media and Your Business

Here’s the breakdown of 10 things you must know about social media and your business.

1.    More people are online than ever before. If Facebook were a country it would outnumber the United States. Is your business where the people are?
2.    Tight marketing budget? Most social media platforms are generally free (besides your investment in time). Social media is highly successful while remaining extremely cost effective.
3.    When you share something online, it’s potentially viewable forever. And because it’s online, you have a potentially limitless source of viewers. Millions of people could see your expertise today and even years from now. Can your ad in the yellow pages do that?
4.    Your online presence and search engine optimization will grow organically. More links to your website means more quality traffic and that means more business for you.
5.    Social media acts a bridge between your business and your customers. You can find out, in real time, what’s trending and what’s being said. That’s business intelligence that no other source provides so immediately, so effectively, and so inexpensively.
6.    You can target any group or market you wish. You decide exactly who sees your message and when. Can your mass mailings do that?
7.    Social media is permission marketing which means people want to hear from you and share your product or service. Contrast that to an overpriced billboard along the road.
8.    Through social media you can build an army of loyal customers and clients who will in turn spread your message virally. The word of mouth marketing that comes from this sharing means massive growth for your business.
9.    People want solutions to their problems and as you share your best information online, they will come to you for more. Not only that, they’ll tell everyone they know where they got help.
10.    You can add a personal touch to your business with social media. People are done with corporations and lack of customer service. People will buy from you because they feel like they know you and that you understand their needs.


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