Add as many email subscribers, contacts, funnels, pages, content, and whatever else you need to build your business and never pay more!

PLUS, you get access to Exclusive Step-by-Step Training AND 24/7 1-on-1 Real Human Support!

Social Rocketship Tools Cost Comparison

It’s Designed to be a No-Brainer For You – the Best & Last Tool You’ll Need to Grow Your Photography Business!

It’s so nice to have one place to manage all of my content, ads, and reviews. Social Rocketship is now my must-have tool for my business!


We understand that trying something new can be scary. Fear not amigo!

We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within 30 days of implementing the Social Rocketship system, you decide it doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll gladly refund every penny. After that, you can cancel any time. Everything is month-to-month – no contracts ever!

That said, hundreds of studios just like yours already rely upon our system so we’re confident you’ll be satisfied!



We offer free expert set up and training to ensure our clients are fully equipped to use our products. Our team of experts will guide you through the setup process and provide comprehensive training to help you maximize the benefits of our products for your business.


Get instant access to an ever-growing library of training tutorial videos covering every aspect of the Social Rocketship system. Access training materials on-demand and quickly learn new skills and keep up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities of to grow your studio!


Get help through our 24/7 Live Chat, Email, & Zoom Client Support. Chat live with a representative right inside your Social Rocketship dashboard to get your questions answered in real-time. Unlike a spammy Facebook group or group coaching call, we offer personalized 1-on-1 support.


We believe in providing ongoing education to help you grow your photography business. That’s why we offer marketing courses to help you learn essential skills that you can immediately implement. Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques & use them to book your calendar solid!


Social Rocketship is a complete sales & marketing platform coupled with ongoing training and live human support that gives photographers all they need to start, grow, and scale their business. From automatic posting on social media to booking photo sessions to getting new 5-star reviews (and everything in between)!

Most email marketing, website chat, CRM softwares try to help all small businesses. Our goal is to focus on professional photographers. Everything we do is centered on the photography industry and helping you book your calendar full of dream photo sessions!

Of course not!  You don’t have to put all these tools to use. Even just using one will save you so much time and money and, of course, increase your revenue! Many photographers love just a few features – like running Facebook & Instagram ads in 3 clicks, or being able to text & email their contacts all from one place, or having an AI booking bot automatically put new visitors into their booking calendar. Use whatever will help you get the best results in your business!


No contracts ever! Everything is month-to-month.

If for any reason you need to cancel, just give us a 30 day heads up. Send us an email at Service(at)SocialRocketship.com.

You can read the fine print here.

Within 30 days of implementing the Social Rocketship system, if you decide it doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll gladly refund every penny. After that, you can cancel any time. However, once you see how easy it is to have instant access to all marketing aspects of your business, with one single cost, you’ll never wanna go back to anything else!

Before Social Rocketship, you had to have big budgets to advertise with Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and more. You also had to spend thousands of dollars each month to get a good website, get SEO (#1 in the search engines) done, and creating & posting social media content. With other platforms, agencies, or employees, this has been outside the budget of most photography studios.

But now Social Rocketship has put together the best tools with the best training with the best support to help you book more clients by marketing online effectively! With the power of automations and AI, together with education and human support, you have the best tool to scale your photography business!

Support is a BIG deal and we pride ourselves on it!

For starters, you’ll go through an onboarding course to get set up. It’s worth it to set you marketing machine.

Then, you’ll have on-demand access to our library of step-by-step video training, complete with the steps written out.

Finally, you’ll have 24/7 to real human support! This is personalized 1-on-1 support just for you (no more asking embarrassing questions on a group call)! 

No, you never have to pay for new features.

We’re constantly working to improve Social Rocketship but you will always pay the same price. Regardless of how many new features, support, and courses & training we share, your price is locked in! 


We’re constantly adding new training and courses to keep you on top on the marketing industry for your photography business. But with your subscription you’ll always have unlimited access to on-demand training.

Social Rocketship is proudly built on the High Level framework. It’s highly customized to be specific for professional photographers. We’re always updating & improving every facet of the platform to make it better for you. It all happens in the background so you always have the latest and best version possible, always with the same great price to you! Additionally, our system has exclusive on-demand training and 1-on-1 member support to make sure you’re getting the best marketing suite available for photographers!


Our platform is cloud-based which means you just need access to the internet, a web browser, and you’re good to go! If you like, you can even use the mobile app.

Yep! Because we’re built on the High Level framework, you can download the gray labeled mobile app available for both Android and iOS.


Our platform syncs with almost every platform you can imagine. With the sheer amount of features we offer however, most photographers end up switching everything over to us to have everything in one place and to save money!

Yes! Our goal is to have you set up in under an hour. In fact, there’s a fast-track course that walks you through everything to get set up. You can even set up your first database reactivation campaign and be booking new client sessions within 2 hours!

Of course, if you ever need any help, our on-demand training videos AND our 1-on-1 live support are here for you.

Yes! When you start with Social Rocketship, you get unlimited users, contacts, funnels, websites & landing pages, courses, and more! This means that instead of you paying more because your business grows, you’re locked into one simple price, month after month, year after year.

Pretty great, right?

Believe it or not, texting & emailing isn’t free. The good news is that your account is loaded with a $20 credit every single month that even rolls over when it’s not used! Your credit covers about 1,680 texts, 1,562 minutes in calls, 19,743 emails, 211,640 AI content words, or 320 AI images. Note: pricing varies based on the number of words used in the prompt, the product area it’s activated from and the words generated.

If you go over the $20 credit, then you’re billed directly through Lead Connector.

And remember, you’re NEVER billed for contacts, no matter how many you have. No other platform provides unlimited contacts, users, domains, funnels, etc like ours!

Easy! Just hit the GET STARTED button below and automatically receive your login info in your email. Then you’re off to the races!