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Social Media Manager: Do You Need One?

One of the hottest jobs right now is the role of a social media manager. Small and large businesses alike are busy hiring like mad because of the apparent need to get on the social media bandwagon. The question is: are they justified in doing so? The simple answer is yes, yes, and yes! Let […]

Video: Social Media is Real

This is a fascinating video to watch about the impact of social media. The numbers sound far-fetched but are actually backed up by real studies. Check it out: *

10 Facts You Should Know About Social Media and Your Business

Here’s the breakdown of 10 things you must know about social media and your business. 1.    More people are online than ever before. If Facebook were a country it would outnumber the United States. Is your business where the people are? 2.    Tight marketing budget? Most social media platforms are generally free (besides your investment […]

5 Attributes of an Awesome Social Media Manager

Everything that makes up an awesome social media manager can be summed up in two words: great communicator. But let’s take a look at how that breaks down. Great writer. First and foremost a skilled social media manager must know how to write. This includes proper grammar and spelling but English Literature majors need not […]