Everything that makes up an awesome social media manager can be summed up in two words: great communicator. But let’s take a look at how that breaks down.

  1. Great writer. First and foremost a skilled social media manager must know how to write. This includes proper grammar and spelling but English Literature majors need not apply. Writing for an online audience is very different than writing a thesis for your professor. Writing online means writing how people really talk. It’s conversational. It’s real.
  2. Great listener. Being able to monitor what’s happening in an online conversation and respond accordingly is super important. A good social media manager knows how to follow and lead a conversation based on what’s being shared by others.
  3. Great customer service skills. Knowing how to interact with others online through great customer service skills is especially important on review sites such as Yelp or company blogs. Let’s say there’s one of those nasty people who decides to vent about your company. Having a great social media manager who knows how to diffuse a situation is a great asset. If they have the skills, they can even turn that person around and create a new raving fan of your business.
  4. Reporting. This one is a little on the left brain. Every business needs to track what’s working and what’s not. A social media manager who knows how to share a report of everything they’re doing is not only nice but vital. Why? Because why would you pay them if you can’t track the progress they’re making for your business?
  5. Funny. Yes, it helps a lot if the social media manager has a great sense of humor. Funny, positive messages get shared virally faster than anything else.

Of course, we at Social Rocketship think we’re pretty cool. Great writing? Check. Great listening? Check. Great customer service skills? Check. Great at reporting? Check. Are we funny? Heck yeah!


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