7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

OK, great. You’re online. You’ve got a fully functional website that shares everything about your company and what you do. Question – is your website attracting a loyal following? Is it establishing you as a leader? Is it interacting with your target audience? Chances are, it’s not.

Fear not. There’s a super easy solution. Four letters: B-L-O-G. Yep, it’s time to implement your company blog if you haven’t already.

Why? Check out 7 reasons here:

  1. Expertise – people aren’t online looking for your website. People are online looking for solutions to their problems. A blog gives you the ability to demonstrate that you really know your stuff. Be the solution and people will be loyal to you and tell others about you.
  2. Leadership – closely related to expertise is leadership. Having a blog establishes you as a authority in your industry. Why? Because you actually have a blog while others don’t! That means that you’re regularly pushing out great content and contributing to the pool of knowledge. There is more competition than ever and you need to stand out as a leader and a blog is the perfect way to do it.
  3. Search engines – search engines like Google or Bing love fresh content. Most company websites have the basic information that explains who, what, why, and so forth but once they’re built, that’s it. Every company needs a website but this is only the start. If you want to get discovered in the search engines, provide them with new keyword rich content updated on a frequent basis.
  4. Commenting – if half of blogging consists of publishing great content, the other half would be building great relationships. Every good blog allows readers to comment and add their own expertise. You can then interact with those readers in an uplifting way and grow your company community. This also goes hand in hand with the concept of giving and that’s next.
  5. Giving – by sharing your expertise online for free, you’re showing to the world that you’re willing to give without expectation of return. Yeah, this is a little new-agey but it’s true. You never know who might be on the receiving end of your information. They might be someone with a lot of influence and your generous nature was just the thing to turn them on and champion your company to their people.
  6. Company Culture – people like knowing that the business they’re dealing with is run by real people. Using vernacular and ridiculous industry jargon is barely ok for printed materials but not online. People want real information from real people. Talking about your latest products or services is good but also try throwing in some stuff about the funny things your dog does or fun things you do at your office.
  7. Social Media – of course I had to mention social media because I love it so much! Having a blog is the perfect way to launch your social media campaign. Why? Content! Really, how many times can you tweet out your contact info? But if you have a nice, juicy article that helps someone out in some way, you can spread that thing across the social media universe as fast as someone can hit “retweet”.

These are just 7 reasons of why your company should have a blog. Hopefully it’s now a bit more clear on why you need a blog for your company. Happy blogging!